Instructional Videos by Laney

A Day in the Studio

Laney was born in Denver, CO and has been art making since she was a little girl. At age 13 her mother enrolled her in a drawing class from the Famous Artist Correspondence School. » Watch Video

Art and the Animal Kingdom

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"Art and the Animal Kingdom" DVD is a presentation given by Laney in June 2007. The disc reviews the work of Swedish artist Bruno Liljefors, as a 20th century artist that began what she believes is the Naturalist Art trend in wildlife art. Mr. Liljefors was very influenced by the writings and philosophy of Charles Darwin and his paintings reveal that scientific connection. The presentation goes on to relate how Laney grew up among animals and began to be interested in the connection between science and art. Her influences were Jane Goodall and Konrad Lorenz. She has always been interested in watching animals and recording their behavior. » Preview Presentation

Thought to Finish: Anatomy of a Painting

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"Thought to Finish: Anatomy of a Painting" is an educational and informational video about creating a wildlife painting. Laney takes you through her thought and planning process as well as the technical aspect of putting it all together. » Preview Video