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To See Beyond Looking: A Visual Journey in Art and Nature

New art book/memoir by Wyoming artist Laney celebrates the true wild West.


Few wildlife artists in America can claim the background—and geographical backdrop informing her work—that Laney does.

A native of the wild West, she paints nature to celebrate its wonder and beauty, calling attention to the remarkable life histories of individual animals, giving voice to creatures that cannot advocate for themselves, and, ultimately, inspiring viewers to hold the natural world in their hearts.

“Laney offers us the gifts of her observations and talent because they appear quietly, even stealthily, measurably enhancing the pleasure of savoring her art,” says William G. Kerr, chairman and founding board member at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming where Laney’s work resides in its permanent collection.

As a naturalist and keen observer, this rural denizen of northwest Wyoming makes her home in the Wind River Valley near the most remote corner of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With the imposing Wind River Mountains rising out one studio window and the Absaroka Range in another, Laney has amassed a remarkable portfolio spanning a half century.

Now her remarkable story—a journey that has taken her from the foothills of the Colorado Rockies where she spent her youth to scientific illustration, conservation activism helping to permanently protect wilderness in Wyoming, and culminating in fine art—is being told in a new 2016 autobiographical book featuring her paintings.

“To See Beyond Looking: A Visual Journey in Art and Nature” explores her evolution. “As artists, Laney and I try to reach the same place of connection with animals—that point of recognition that can only be achieved at the soul level,” says the noted American nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen. “ In photography, it happens in fleeting moments; with great painting, it begins in the mind’s eye. In Laney’s wildlife pictures, they aren’t only telling us something about magnificent creatures, she’s revealing something personal about herself.” From portrayals of grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, moose, mule deer, bison and coyotes to a diverse range of avifauna and landscapes in the changing seasons, Laney inhabits a special niche among her 21st century contemporaries in wildlife art—that of aesthetic-driven naturalist with attention paid to the behavior and sentience of species.

In 2013, Laney served as a catalyst for the National Museum of Wildlife Art In Jackson, Wyoming staging a provocative exhibition “Darwin’s Legacy: The Evolution of Wildlife Art” that explored the intersection between art and science. It featured works by Bruno Liljefors, Carl Rungius, Joseph Wolf, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Carl Akeley, and Louis Agassiz Fuertes.

Laney was among just three living artists—the others being internationally-renowned painter Lars Jonsson of Swedish and American sculptor Bart Walter— to have work showcased in the event. The exhibition attracted national attention.

To See beyond Looking was conceived, in Laney’s words, “to provide first hand insights and direction to people who are seeking to craft a beautiful and balanced furure for upcoming generations. I believe that the wild animals, birds and plants have much to teach us and they can lead us to appreciate the whole spectrum of life.”


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